HSE/HSF Petrochemical Process Pump API610 OH2

■Radially split, horizontal pump
■Centerline mounted
■End suction, top discharge
■Single suction, closed impeller
■Single volute or double volute(discharge size bigger than 80mm)
■Type code of API610 OH2
Performance Range:
■Capacity up to 2600 m³/h
■Head up to 300 m
■Pressure up to 5.0 MPa(HSF) 7.5 MPa(HSF) ■Temperature -80℃~+300 ℃
Design Features:
■Process design per APl610 Standard
■Interchangeable modular elements for various sizes
■Double volute for which discharge size bigger than 80mm
■Impeller. Closed impeller
■Interchangeable wear parts
■Standardized pipework according to API plans
■Materials is per API610
■Refineries, petrochemical industry, coal processing and cryogenic engineering
■Chemical industry, pulp and paper, sugar and other general industries
■Power plants
■Ship and offshore industries
■Water factories and desalination plants
■ HSE can be used as turbine for power recycle

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