HBMC Stage Casing Pump API610 BB4

■Radially split, ring section, horizontal multistage pumps
■Foot mounted is standard. Centerline
mounted is available for large sizes or high temperature application
■Top-top nozzle layout, other layouts are Available as options
■Type code of API610 BB4
Performance Range:
■Capacity Q: 20~1000 m³/h
■Head H: ~1700 m
■Pressure P: ~15 MPa
■Temperature T: -80~+180 ℃
Design Features:
■Process design per APl610 standard
■Casing is volute type
■Impeller back to back arrangement
■Oil ring lubrication, pure or purge mist lubrication to be selected
■Seal chamber design conform to AP682, suit for all cartridge mechanical seals
■Materials is per API610
■Natural gas
■Petrochemical industry
■Pulp and paper industry
■Food, metal and Fertilizer
■Water treatment

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